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Who We Are: Travel Photographer Laura Fenwick

Laura Fenwick | Travel Photographer/ Writer | Simon & Ruby

LAURA FENWICK – travel photographer/writer

– If you had to pick a mission statement for your life, what would it be?

Probably: ask for what you want.  I implement that one all the time, but I’m bad at mission statements. I’m too close to it, I think. Maybe: if you don’t feel like dancing in the kitchen, you should probably take a quick inventory of your life.

– Describe yourself in 5 words:

Creative, Impatient, Thoughtful, Driven, Optimistic

– If you could run away to another place or time – where would you go?

I would either go to the 1920s or to the future. Specifically, I would really like to meet my great-grandparents when they were young, and to meet my (hypothetically-totally nonexistent-not at all planned) grandkids when they’re a little older. There’s something so cool about ancestral lines, especially when they’re one or two generations removed. The chance to be the same age as them for a day or two would be incredible.

– Most memorable trip? What was so special about it? Did you learn anything cool about yourself? 

Kitesurfing in Mexico was a game changer for me. I know that’s a cliché, but it’s true. It was the first time in my adult professional life I stepped back into the role of student –one with no understanding or comparable experience to draw on (which of itself was an adventure through parts of myself typically unseen) — and learned, and photographed, a sport in which yielding the need for control is paramount. Kiting has such a connected international community, so it was an incredible opportunity to meet and travel with so many new people. That, too, then opened a lot of opportunity to me professionally, and helped direct my career into what it is today. Plus. Mexico. So much of it is good and pure and made of magic.

– Patronus?

Horse. I have a reverence for freedom, awareness, and for my loved ones. I don’t do very well with constrictions or limitations. I think power should move towards purpose, that travel is within us, and that the most perceptible strength is in the ability to be gentle.  Plus, we have the same hair: long, wavy, always in our eyes. That has to count for something.

– Favorite gemstone?

Generally, the ones I find. I keep finding rose quartz and citrine and aquamarine lately.

– One thing we don’t know about you?

If I love a song, I’ll play it on repeat until it’s dead. It’s the worst part of me. (Well, okay, that’s debatable, but.) I put Spotify on private sessions routinely because I’m looping songs and don’t want anyone to see how obnoxious that is.

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