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 When I started Simon & Ruby jewelry a little over 5 years ago, I knew that I wanted to find a way to give back. I’ve always known that someday, my art and my desire to help people would come together into something amazing, but I wasn’t sure how exactly that would work.

Enter Abolition International and their vision for the Cambodia Jewelry Project
to build a sustainable social enterprise for survivors of sex trafficking in Cambodia. I would be working with survivors, teaching them skills to help support themselves. When I read the email asking me if I would be interested… I knew. This is it. This is my chance for S&R to do something that would change lives and help these girls pursue their dreams. Very soon, (and with your help) I will be traveling to Cambodia to start working with a few girls, who will be creating their own jewelry line. My initial designs will get them started and hopefully launch a creative path for them. Since this projects is funded strictly by donations, we appreciate your help, your prayers, and your well wishes on this journey. The project as a whole has to raise $18,000 to cover the costs of materials, travel, salaries for the ladies, etc. My goal personally is to raise $3000 by the time we leave in June. (And $2,000 of that by May 15th, so we can purchase our plane tickets.)

Serey’s story is just one of many, but I wanted to share her video because it resonated so deeply with me. She spent time at the Transitions Global Dream Home in Cambodia, where we will be working. 

We are beyond excited about this opportunity and how perfectly it is all falling into place. I’m getting busy in the studio working on designs to teach the girls and we’re busy planning all the ins and outs of the trip. We would love it if you would share this and if you’re interested in donating… please do! 🙂 
I can’t wait to tell you more about the project!

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