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Austin Texas | Interview with Danny Trejo + Alexander Hiers

Between Shots ATX | Danny Trejo, Alexander Hiers

A couple of weeks ago, we shared a Day in the Life travel guide featuring our recent trip to Austin, Texas. In the guide, we mentioned our friend, Danny Trejo, who we met on the roadtrip a few years ago. While in Austin, we caught up with Danny & had the pleasure of adventuring around the city with him & his Between Shots podcast cohost, Alexander Hiers. Since they have the pulse of all things Austin, we wanted to ask them for more insights on this vibrant city.

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Spring Cleaning as Self Care | Studio Notes

Lilypad Flowers | Self Care

Regardless of whether the forecast is fully aware of it, it’s officially spring! Which means it’s also time for spring cleaning. Or, at least, around here it’s time for spring cleaning. I need to pull open all the windows and let the kittens sniff the fresh air while I pull apart both the house and the studio and ask what’s totally essential and what’s just a remnant of a warm winter nest. The process is always one that seems romantic at the start, like fresh hell throughout, and like such a wildly refreshing gift at the end. Spring cleaning is self care.

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Kauai + Nashville | How to Help

Hanalei Kauai Flooding | Ways to Help

The heart of Simon & Ruby is travel, leaving pieces of our hearts in places that move us, and finding new pieces of ourselves along the road. Two of the places closest to our hearts have been impacted by unforeseen disaster in the last two weeks.

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A Day in the Life | Austin, Texas

Austin Texas Travel Guide | Simon & Ruby

A Day in the Life || Austin, Texas

My travel day started at 3AM. This afforded me two major things:
1. A full first day in Austin
2. A very snoozy flight, followed by a lot of coffee.

Thankfully, Austin lends itself to both very delicious coffee and varied options for travelers who desperately want to throw themselves into the local flavor but who also probably need a nap. To throw myself into the local flavor, I called Danny, who I met two years ago while on the road trip for Simon and Ruby.

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Flashback | Zooey Magazine Style Editorial

Gina Rodriguez Style Editorial | Zooey Magazine | Simon & Ruby

Style Editorial with Zooey Magazine

You know how occasionally something happens to you & renders you totally speechless? This is a flashback to a television style editorial with Zooey Magazine did exactly that. Their stylist included our handcrafted jewelry in a feature that included actresses Gina Rodriguez, JoAnna Garcia Swisher, Constance Wu, Marie Avgeropoulos, & Anna Wood.

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Celebrations | Studio Notes

Hawaii Inspired Fashion Styled Editorial | Simon & Ruby Artisan Jewelry | Studio Notes

It’s been a month of excitement and noteworthy benchmarks here at Simon and Ruby. We just celebrated our 10th (TENTH TENTH TENTH) anniversary, and our newest collection, Hanalei, just launched. In this season of new and nostalgic alike we’ve been thinking about the aspects of this business we most love.

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ON THE WORKBENCH: Blue Chalcedony

Ice Blue Chalcedony | Semi Precious Stone

So, if you’ve been around for a bit, you know that we’re just a teeny obsessed with stones. Like, it might be a bit of a problem. But, we’ve obviously figured out the perfect way to feed the obsession – designing jewelry that focuses on the beauty of natural stones. We want to share a few of our favorites and a little bit of interesting info about them

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Gate A-4 // Inspired

Gate A4 Poem | Naomi Shihab Nye

A couple of years ago, this poem by Naomi Shihab Nye was sent to me. Her words struck a chord so deep within my heart that it changed me. There hasn’t been a time since that I’ve been able to read it without shedding tears. And forget it if I try to read it out loud. I’m instantly a mess.

Lately, I’ve found myself feeling overwhelmingly tired.

I’m tired of seeing unkind words hurled back and forth.

I’m tired of hearing each day’s news filled with tragedy.

I’m tired of feeling like my actions can’t make a difference.

And then I have a conversation with a friend. Or a stranger goes out of their way to be kind. Or I see people taking a stand to fight for the dignity & welfare of others. And my hope is renewed.

I wanted to share this poem because it gave me hope. I have it hanging in my studio as a reminder – that we can make a difference with patience & kindness & generosity. That it doesn’t always take eloquent words & a huge platform in front of the masses to help. Sometimes it is as simple as a cookie, a hug & a smile.

xo, Lindsay