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It’s been a month of excitement and noteworthy benchmarks here at Simon and Ruby. We just celebrated our 10th (TENTH TENTH TENTH) anniversary, and our newest collection, Hanalei, just launched. In this season of new and nostalgic alike we’ve been thinking about the aspects of this business we most love.

Simon and Ruby is born from travel and motivated by the beauty of sharing our love for each other and for places the world over. Through both of those pieces we get to meet so many of you. Whether on the road or at markets, we love hearing your stories about travel, seeing which pieces really speak to you, and experiencing how you layer beauty into your lives. We’re wildly fortunate to be able to share with you, and to be so enriched by you in return.

Want me to holler that from a rooftop? Our studio is in Nashville; with the growth this city is experiencing there are rooftops a’plenty. I will shout it: we love you guys so, so much.

Seaside North Shore Hawaii | Maui Travel Inspiration

The artistry of this brand is such a fortune for me. To be able to make a life out of interpreting my experiences of a place into a piece of jewelry, and from there into a collection, is so exciting. Our collections these last ten years have found inspiration in New Orleans, Guatemala, the Southwest, Italy, the coastlines of the Atlantic states, the dense forests of the West Coast, and beyond. Now, we’re bringing you the richness of Hanalei.

Handcrafted Artisan Jewelry | Flay Lay Photo Styling | Simon & Ruby | Studio Notes

I’m so excited about how this collection has come together. The dark patina over brass mimics the intensity of the lava rock that forms all of Hawaii, and the soft colors of the collection are found in the sunsets, the sea, the mountains, the jungles, and the cuisine of the islands. To travel and to be inspired by these beautiful places — to always be learning, in awe, and open to what’s around us — is so much of what makes Simon and Ruby. And, ten years deep, I’m more in love with this company than ever.

Seeing the world in an unexpected way is my favorite part of my art, and my favorite part of what I bring to this company. What I never anticipated was ten years of having that unexpected beauty fed back to me by the business, by the team who supports this company, and by the incredible, powerful, generous, wanderlusting men & women who have afforded us ten incredible years of adventure.

Waimea Canyon Kauai | Travel Inspiration

Banana Palm Tree | Tropical Foliage Hawaii

Thank you. With all my heart, from rooftop after rooftop, airplane after road trip after adventure after airplane, thank you.

I will pour my gratitude into another ten years of jewels that carry memories of beauty from every corner of these lands.



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