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september creative crush: brynn watkins of being elliott

The creative world is full of talent, quirky style, and artists who never cease to amaze us. There are ladies who are spot on with innovative fashion, who write beautiful melodies, and whose paintings transport us to new places. We decided that we can’t keep them all to ourselves. Each month, we’ll feature our creative crush, a lady who inspires us with her work. 
For September, we want to introduce the style genius behind Being Elliot, Brynn Watkins!


Brynn Elliott Watkins of Being Elliott | Simon & Ruby Style Feature

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself.
I am a woman who is always looking for the next thing. I am always looking forward to the next step, the next collaboration or the next styling job. I love making connections and meeting new people with interesting life stories so I can learn and gain knowledge from their experiences. I love to smile…a lot! 


2. When did you start Being Elliott?


I needed an outlet to put my creative juices into and blogging seemed like the perfect solution. I started Being Elliott in 2010 and I have loved every minute of it since. I enjoy interacting with my viewers and interviewing designers and creative minds in the industry. I love hearing all of their stories. I feel like it furthers my own story in a rich, fulfilling way. My work with Being Elliott focuses on telling others about the amazing world of fashion and design. I want to give my readers inspiration and a smile every day. I hope my viewers can sit back and read my blog when they are looking for an outlet for inspiration and self expression.

3. What is your favorite thing about what you do?
I love to help people feel beautiful and confident. It  makes me happy to see others happy when I style them. I enjoy seeing their faces light up!

4. Who or what are you most inspired by?

My faith in Jesus and my family. They always keep me grounded and inspired. 

5. Favorite item from your closet?

I love the vintage gown my Grandmother Fairy Belle made. We were exactly the same size back in the day, which means I get all of her amazingly gorgeous hand-sewn gowns. She designed them herself, and they are all precious gems in my eyes.

6. If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?

Back to Paris to roam the streets and explore. 

7. Best travel memory?
Exploring Paris by myself when I was 20. It was pure bliss 🙂 

8. What do you miss most about Nashville?
The southern charm and the amazing food. 
9. Anything exciting planned for the rest of 2013?
More collaborations and much more fun!  

10. Favorite piece in the Through the Looking Glass Collection?

I completely adore the Elliot Earrings, for obvious reasons. They are simply perfect! 

Interested in learning more about Brynn? 

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