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Embracing the Unknown // Studio Notes

Freshwater Cave Kauai | Hanalei Hawaii Travel Photography

There is so much beauty to the unknown. It’s why we get on airplanes and travel to far-off places for the very first time, and then why we go back year after year. The beauty of new lands, the beauty of who we become there, the beauty of who surrounds us, and the beauty of the question of what next are so enveloping and can become so warm that they, in themselves, become a sort of home.

Travel brings us home and makes us new in that we continue to meet ourselves in each experience of the unknown. Each step forward into the land of possibility and away from the land of comfort makes us better, makes us smarter, makes us more ourselves. It is with each new step that we can embrace a sense of home within ourselves.

In knowing ourselves thoroughly and lovingly — in stepping into opportunities of what is foreign and new — it becomes so easy and so beautiful to find ourselves in new communities and to accept new faces into our own. Even in the tentative understandings of that which is foreign, and those whose lives and likenesses are very much different than our own, we are able to embrace so much beauty and so much understanding of ourselves, of the world, and of knowledge and compassion as we expand our realities within both.

Protea Flower in Bloom | Maui Kula Botanical Gardens

This holiday season is a warm reminder of what can happen when we stand tall in our love for others and when we realize there is more than enough to go around. This year has seen so much change, dissent, and creative and loving response to both. Simon and Ruby is a company rooted in the growth, the love, the experience, and heart found within travel. We believe in the beauty of the unknown, and know first hand how dearly we can hold what was once terrifying as a new and integral part of our hearts. It takes an adventurous outlook and a tender openness to surge forth into the experience of what’s new and make it a home, and it’s such a phenomenal home in which to land.

I don’t know what comes next. I assume to know how it will; we will keep working hard, we’ll keep taking things as they come, we’ll love deeply, and we’ll keep dreaming. We’ll stand tall in the love we hold for others, for ourselves, and for the work we do. Even in knowing that, the beauty of not knowing is so great, and such a warm rush of possibility and of joy.

This season, we welcome you to join us. Embrace all the things you don’t know, and exercise love as you embrace the beauty — and swallow the fear — of the unknown. There is so much goodness here.

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