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Introducing the Firenze Collection | Simon & Ruby Fall / Winter 2017

Firenze Inspired Artisan Jewelry | Simon & RubyIntroducing the Firenze Collection

As above, so below, Florence Italy radiates with warmth. We’ve used the flavor of the city streets, the grandeur of the Duomo, & the muted palettes of the Masters to inspire our Firenze Collection.

Within the Firenze Collection, you’ll find hand shaped domes of brass and copper which embrace semi precious stones in the warm palettes of the city. These halos of oxidized metal mimic both the dome of the Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral and the metallic halos found in many Italian Renaissance paintings.

Every piece in the new Fall 2017 collection comes in 5 colors – garnet, linen, ivy, silver, & spice.

Florence Italy Inspired Artisan Jewelry | Simon & Ruby

Firenze Fall Collection Artisan Jewelry | Simon & Ruby

The heart of our Firenze collection is inspired by domes, by adornments, by opening yourself to experiences, and by the halos in Italy’s art, architecture, and the divinity of its sweet memories.

Modern Bohemian Florence Italy Inspired Collection | Simon & Ruby Jewelry

Florence Duomo Cathedral | Simon & Ruby Jewelry


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