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Gate A4 Poem | Naomi Shihab Nye

A couple of years ago, this poem by Naomi Shihab Nye was sent to me. Her words struck a chord so deep within my heart that it changed me. There hasn’t been a time since that I’ve been able to read it without shedding tears. And forget it if I try to read it out loud. I’m instantly a mess.

Lately, I’ve found myself feeling overwhelmingly tired.

I’m tired of seeing unkind words hurled back and forth.

I’m tired of hearing each day’s news filled with tragedy.

I’m tired of feeling like my actions can’t make a difference.

And then I have a conversation with a friend. Or a stranger goes out of their way to be kind. Or I see people taking a stand to fight for the dignity & welfare of others. And my hope is renewed.

I wanted to share this poem because it gave me hope. I have it hanging in my studio as a reminder – that we can make a difference with patience & kindness & generosity. That it doesn’t always take eloquent words & a huge platform in front of the masses to help. Sometimes it is as simple as a cookie, a hug & a smile.

xo, Lindsay

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