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march creative crush: katie from le minimalist

The creative world is full of talent, quirky style, and artists that never cease to amaze us. There are ladies who are spot on with innovative fashion, who write beautiful melodies, and whose paintings transport us to new places. We decided that we can’t just keep them all to ourselves. Each month, we’ll feature our creative crush, a lady who inspires us with her work. And to kick that off, we want to introduce you to Katie Wiley from Nashville fashion blog,  Le Minimalist.

1. Tell us a little bit about you and your blog:

At the time I was working a boring office job all day long and between calls I’d sit at the computer aimlessly wandering around the internet. I had always kept up with fashion blogs through Bloglovin and was constantly on weeding through outfit posts forinspiration. Pinterest was a fledgling website at the time, but I still spent hour after hour pinning and posting to that too. After a while I started to feel incredibly unproductive. I’d always thought about starting up my own blog, but was a little unsure as to how I’d go about all that website coding nonsense, producing readable content, then the cherryon top – all of the social networking I’d be roped into. It was kind of invigorating and equally as terrifying at first, but I felt I needed an outlet that would best represent me and all of the things I loved and found interesting.

It was a little over a year ago that I started Le Minimalist and it’s quite honestly been the most rewarding experience of my life. I tell everyone who asks me about blogging to start immediately and that they’ll fall in love with the soap box it provides. It gives you a voice, and helps establish you in the industry you love. Since then I’ve worked with some great sponsors and designers, been featured by a lot of really great fashion sites like Stylecaster and Polyvore and my content regularly gets syndicated on Lucky Magazine’s Style Collective. Dream big, and keep dreaming!

2. What fashion trend can you not get enough of?

As the title of my blog suggests, I’m into minimalistic, structured things. I like muted tones – black, grey, white. I’m a huge fan of Alexander Wang because he incorporates all of those things into his designs. He’s very structural. In a past life, I’m sure he was an architect. I’ve got nothing against bold prints or colors ( I do wear them, I promise, but usually asaccessory or statement pieces ) but there is something so pleasing to the eye about a bold, structured look. His A/W13 collection for Balenciaga has all of the key elements I find attractive about dressing minimalistically. You don’t need bright, bold prints to be noticed if you’re using shape, texture and what I can only describe as architectural elements, you can look just as beautiful. I hate to call structural dress a “trend” because trends fade, and I’m more of a classics person. But, okay, okay, if you have to ask – Holographic everything. I love shiny shit! Is it okay that I say shit? … I love how accessories have really stepped up the past two years with all of these statement necklaces. If it looks like you’re wearing a hardware store around your neck, I’ll probably love it. And finally, platform shoes. I hope they never, ever, ever, ever again go out of style.

 3. Favorite color to wear?

 Black. Or shades of grey. Like the book. I like to make that joke a lot.

4. What are you currently inspired by? (fashion-wise)

Alexander Wang (always & forever) THE BLONDS Their stuff is always incredible, wearable art. Celebs are always sporting their goods in music videos. Space age ninja? check. Giant cupcake dress? You got it. Yeah, so I know it’s the complete opposite of minimalism – but who cares. I’m also inspired by a lot of bohemian looks I’ve seen floating around, and I’ve also got a little crush on anything kind of “witchy” looking.


5. If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?

Man. Narrowing it down to one place is pure torture! Is “everywhere” an answer? Back to New York, if I have to keep it simple. If we’re talking exotic – Egypt or India, I keep thinking how amazing it’d be to shoot a fashion editorial in either of those beautiful locations.

6. Best travel memory?

I took a two and a half week tour through Europe and it was the best experience of my life. I still remember every moment vividly. I spent so much money! Dior in Paris, Dolce in Italy… At the time we didn’t have a Sephora so I came home with a lot of makeup. We visited England, France, Italy, Switzerland and a quick beach day on the Isle of Capri. I didn’twant to come home. I think my heart is still floating around over there somewhere.


 7. If you can only pack 3 things for a trip abroad, what do you take?

My Jeffrey Campbell wedges, fresh underpants and my ipad. In that order.

8. What is your favorite piece in the Mexico Collection and why?

The Maggie Necklace in White! I could pair this with anything! I’ve also got a total lust relationship with anything geometric right now.

Interested in learning more about Katie? 

You can find her here:






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