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october creative crush: elizabeth eckert

The creative world is full of talent, quirky style, and artists who never cease to amaze us. There are ladies who are spot on with innovative fashion, who write beautiful melodies, and whose paintings transport us to new places. We decided that we can’t keep them all to ourselves. Each month, we’ll feature our creative crush, a lady who inspires us with her work. 

For October, we want to introduce the musical virtuoso, Elizabeth Eckert.

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’m a passionate person about pretty much everything – music, art, love, and family especially.  I like doing things all the way when I do them.

2. When did you start playing music?

I was two and a half when I started taking piano lessons.  My parents are musicians, so it was a natural thing for me.  I don’t remember not being a musician.

3. What is your favorite thing about what you do?

It’s hard to narrow it down to one! I’ve been a performer all my life and love being on stage.  But I also like being alone in a room writing a song.  I think I thrive on the balance of doing both.

4. Who or what are you most inspired by?

I do a lot of hot yoga and meditation when I can.  They put me in an overall inspired mood!  As far as people go, I’ve gotten to know and work with two amazing musicians recently, Paul Worley and Carolyn Dawn Johnson (who co-produced the new album).  It’s inspiring to work with musicians of such high caliber who are such great people.

5. Favorite item from your closet?

I’m a shoe person, and I can think of a few pairs that would qualify as favorites.  I like high heels and funky sneakers.

6. If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?


7. Best travel memory?

After I released “Bloomington,” I packed up my car and did a solo tour of Indiana University Alumni groups, mostly in the midwest.  It was amazing to meet people across the country who love Bloomington as much as I do.

8. What is your favorite Nashville moment?

It’s got to be recording at Warner Brothers Studios this past summer.  We dragged in this old upright Steinway for a couple of songs.  It’s the coolest sounding piano ever.

9. Anything exciting planned for the rest of 2013?

Yes, lots! Since the album is done, we’re just now getting the word out and playing it for everybody we can.  The website has just been revamped, and I’m playing all the new stuff at The High Watt next week! That and wearing more of your jewelry. (hint, hint)

10. Favorite piece in the Nomad Collection?

The Arabian Necklace!

Interested in learning more about Elizabeth? 

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