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We play a road trip game called “I’m about that.” Laura and I played it on the way to Atlanta market this year, and it’s a new winner. It’s the easiest game — you say, “I’m about” and then you fill it in with anything. ANYTHING.

English muffins with raspberry jam.
Road trips.
Tissues with lotion so your nose never gets chapped.
Random acts of kindness.
Passport stamps.
Interpretive dance.
The beach.


And then, if whomever you’re playing with is into it, too, they can add, “I’m about that.”

Technically, the point is that you’re supposed to choose five things you’re about and they’re ultimately fairly definitive of you as a person. Just like how the cards you win in Cards Against Humanity are sort of your proxy ID. But, we got into a rhythm, and the road trip was a long one with all the Nashville and Atlanta traffic, so we played a little longer.

And it occurred to me that my favorite part of this company is a piece I’ve neglected to share. You already have it — you’re already wearing it, in fact. It’s this:

All the pieces in every collection with any curvature, any domes, any hammering or shaping, are all concave.

See, I’m about being open. Open minded, open hearted, open handed, open to new experiences and new people and new traditions: I think it’s the most beautiful and intentional way of traveling through life. If we open ourselves up, we allow ourselves to catch all of the loveliness of our experiences. Like giant butterfly nets, we leave a gentle wake and allow for the exploration and understanding of new things without ever endangering life’s delicate beauty in the process.

This mentality has influenced my designs forever, and it’s my favorite part of the jewelry.We talk about travel and the adventure and the glamour of it. And while we are adamant there aren’t wrong ways to travel (assuming you aren’t intentionally tromping about hurting people and places as you go) we are adamant this is the best thing for us — this posture of openness.

Side note: it’s also a great way to avoid arguing over unimportant things with your travel companions and copilots. I’m open to breakfast at 6AM, or at noon; I’m open to whatever sounds good to us each day. I’m open to your opinions and to your feedback, even when we’re exhausted and the stakes seem high. I’m open to this looking different than what I dreamt of, and within that I’m open to the idea that it could be far exceeding whatever I’ve believed good and possible.

Isn’t that sort of everything? Isn’t that how good adventures stay with us as we come home? By creating a place for beauty and possibility within ourselves, we’re open to finding it over and over again.

I’m about that.




photography credit: Laura Fenwick, Chelsea Rochelle, Lindsay Farrer








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