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Out West with Samantha Ruble of Go French Yourself // Pt. 2

Out West Travel Guide | Montana

This summer I was lucky enough to hop on the back of my BF’s BMW motorcycle and travel 6,500 miles across The Pacific Northwest making this my longest adventure yet. He took me to places I had been dreaming about since I was little. I am still not even half-way done with the travel diaries because there was just simply so much. And I need more time in the day. I really hope to get them all completed over the Thanksgiving holiday as I will be in Houston for one week and will have lots of down time. In the mean-time though— I am so excited to be sharing my favorite places from the awfully BIG adventure with you over here on The Simon and Ruby blog. These were the destinations that captured my attention and sparked my imagination.

Anywhere in Montana–But especially Silver Gate

Pretty sure I lost my heart in Montana…AKA…the Treasure State. It feels as though you are living in a fantasy because it’s just so beautiful. I thought Colorado was the most beautiful place on earth until I ventured into Montana. And I seriously cannot get over it. While Montana gets its share of recognition for its national parks and natural beauty, that doesn’t mean it always gets the credit it deserves. I mean..I personally never gave it that much credit. I could live here you dears…..I really really could!! The Big Sky Country is something everyone should see once in their lifetime.

I have to honestly say Silver Gate, Montana. This little tiny place is nestled between Yellowstone’s Lamar Valley, Montana’s Beartooth Mountains and the Wyoming Sunlight Basin. At an elevation of 7,400 ft,  they are surrounded by the most majestic peaks in Montana, some soaring to over 11,000 ft. and I would love to spend a winter here writing a book. There is no cell phone service, and in the winter only about 10 residents stay if that.

Silvergate, Montana Sign | Western US Travel Guide

Herman's Trading Post | Silvergate, Montana

Log Cabin Cafe, Silvergate, Montana | Travel Guide

Chico Springs, Montana

Chico Hot Springs Resort and Day Spa offers the quintessential Montana experience….

Get ready to have your huge #MontanaMoment here…..

Established in 1900 and currently on the National Historic Register, Chico is a year-round destination resort offering lodging, conventions, fine dining, saloon, gift shop, full day spa, natural hot springs pool, hiking, fishing, horseback riding, mountain biking, river rafting, dog sledding and cross country skiing. Additionally, with Yellowstone National Park seated in their backyard, trips to nearby Yellowstone National Park are a must! Still geeking out over Yellowstone and forever will be.

Chico is just unbelievably charming….and my grandma’s name is Chico..well short for Chiyoko. (Such a bonus)

And you guys……this was just what we needed after traveling so far! Everything is on the property so we never felt rushed or stressed… was the perfect place to just relax.

Chico Springs, Montana | Travel Guide

Horses Montana | Travel Guide

Travel adds so much color to my daily life. Treat everyday like an adventure. I hope my travels inspire your own journey, wherever it takes you.



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