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In one stretch of night driving, we went from the hot rocks of Southeastern Utah to the cold mountain passes of Northern Colorado.

The car was quiet. We kept a mixed CD of Patty Griffin on low, and navigated behind snowplows when the conditions got rough. Storms had passes all throughout the region while we’d crawled around Moab, and the walls of snow on either side of the highway were frequently so tall we couldn’t see beyond them.

Simon & Ruby On the Road Style | Artisan Jewelry Snow Capped Peaks | Mountain Roads | Travel Diary Roadtrip Travel Diary | On the Road

Apart from the roar of the plows, and the warnings to watch our for moose and elk, we were each alone with our thoughts. Kate’s were sleepy thoughts  as she napped off-and-on, and mine were wide-eyed and had me realizing, not for the first time this trip, we can cover  huge expanses in so little time. Expanses of land. And expanses of self.

And for the next 9 hours, we kept on up the mountain.

Great American Roadtrip | Simon & Ruby | Travel Diary Modern Bohemian Travel Diary | Simon & Ruby Jewelry



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