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Style Takeover | Modern Bohemian Jewelry

Hi, It’s Andi, back again to takeover the S&R blog! So much has changed for me in the last year, I’ve recently moved from my home in the Big Easy (New Orleans!) to Music City (Nashville!). What can I say, I have a serious thing for music loving cities.

Despite being a traveler for a living being the new girl anywhere is a little scary… and it’s totally different than visiting of course. So, as the new girl I’m making a big commitment to myself to get out and experience my new city. I’m going to shows and fashion events and (hopefully!) will make some friends that are interested in the same things I am. Follow along as I share a few of the things I’m digging about my new home already!
Style Takeover | Modern Bohemian Jewelry
Before we head out for the day it’s worth mentioning: this is the first time I’m living in a climate that will actually be cold for the winter! Yay! New Orleans is so often still 75 degrees even in December and I’ve grown so accustomed to waiting until the day before Christmas to actually start decorating my tree. Procrastination excuse, I know.
I’ll admit I haven’t typically loved colder climates, but it’s been so much fun to break out the hot chocolate and ornaments early this year!
Style Takeover | Modern Bohemian Jewelry
Another thing I’m thrilled about is the colors of the Tennessee fall and winter. Ben (my bf) and I spend so much time outdoors and now that we’re settled into our new home we’ve started  planning weekend hikes. There’s so many places that are within an hour drive of our new home. A few other spots that are worth a road trip: Florence, Gatlinburg and the Great Smoky Mountains of course! If you guys have recommendations for outdoor adventures I’d love to hear them!
Style Takeover | Modern Bohemian Jewelry
Nashville is full of girls with a vibe I love. They play old guitars, knows the words to every Rolling Stones song, and throw the best house parties too. As a music lover I’m always in the mood for a night of dancing to bands just on the brink of discovery — it seems the music venues here are often packed with laid-back, glamorous girls with a skillfully approachable style. Who’s game to hit a few shows with me?!
Style Takeover | Modern Bohemian Jewelry

Nashville is home to a new generation of fashion designers that I’m so in love with. My favorites that cater to the modern boho girl (that’s me!) are Simon & Ruby (of course!) for wanderlust inspired jewels, Ona Rex for luxurious fabrics and shapes, Hey Wanderer for hand stitched and dyed kimonos, and Jamie & The Jones for wearable basics.

It’s been so much fun taking over the S&R blog again, thanks for joining me on a quick little jaunt around my new Nashville home. I would love to hear from those of you that are Nashville locals, what are the places you love and things on your list that I absolutely need to do?



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