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STUDIO NOTES: Adventure and Anxiety

Simon and Ruby travel adventure

I think we’re all living contradictions.

Some days the idea of adventure and exploration is what keeps me going – what gets me out of bed in the morning. And some days, the anxiety of even leaving the house can leave me feeling restless and unsettled. As I’ve gotten older, I find that not only am I more bold and confident in certain areas of my life, but I’m much more nervous in others.

When I was growing up, I was fearless. Climb to the top of the tree, perform daredevil tricks, try anything – and – everything kind of fearless. I ran in to most situations full speed and figured everything out as I went. Now, I have to work out all the angles and figure out the “worst case scenario” to make myself feel comfortable in a new situation. So much so that we have a joke in the studio about my “worst case scenario” talks. (All joking aside, I totally stand by that method.)

When you truly break it down, most things really aren’t as scary as you can build up in your head.Simon and Ruby travel adventure

So here’s the thing, it doesn’t feel like you can be adventurous and anxious at the same time. But these ideas are NOT mutually exclusive. Some moments, I’m scared and overwhelmed and ready to just hide my head in the sand. Others, I’m imagining hopping a plane to another country with just my camera and a good friend. You can be terrified and still live a life of adventure.

It’s ok if you have to talk yourself into jumping off that boat in the Gulf of Thailand to swim with your friends, even though you watched a National Geographic special two days prior about all the crazy fish that live in that very body of water. (True story.) And it’s ok to have to take a few deep breaths and maybe scoot on your rear so you can look over the edge of the Cliffs of Moher. It may not be cute and picture perfect, but the important thing is this: if you want to do something… do it.

travel ireland sign

Don’t let fear hold you back. You’re always going to have something to be afraid of. And some of that is healthy. It’s good to have a healthy respect for wild animals and crumbling cliffs and jumping from planes. It is called a survival instinct for a reason. But that’s just it. Life is not merely for surviving. It’s for thriving and adventure and sometimes climbing to the top of that tree.

May the road rise up to meet you,


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