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STUDIO NOTES // Celebrating 9 years of Simon & Ruby

Sketchbook Jewelry | Modern Bohemian | Simon & Ruby

What started as a creative outlet, soon grew into a business and then took over my life… in the best way possible. If you asked me 9 years ago, when I first heard about Etsy, when I was working yet another retail management job, if this is where we’d be today? I would have laughed at you. But here we are and it’s been a crazy 9 years. In celebration of everything it has taken to get to where we are today, I thought we’d take a stroll down memory lane…

Simon & Ruby Jewelry 9th Anniversary | Modern Bohemian

It began with combining color & texture in a unique way using beads and found elements to create pieces that I wished I saw in stores. It was a chunkier style, some a bit more of a dramatic statement than today’s styles. Each piece was named after a strong woman that I knew, a person whose life inspired the designs. I had beads spread from one end of my house to the other, my packrat nature has reveled in every moment of it.

Over the next several years, we styled photoshoots to show off the pieces, to help tell the stories that we were weaving together with each new design. Each weekend, I attended craft fairs from Austin, TX to Pensacola, FL to Atlanta, GA and everywhere in between.

Simon & Ruby Jewelry 9th Anniversary | Modern Bohemian

The next step included selling S&R to stores. I created wholesale collections, each more cohesive than the next, each having a travel inspiration, and bringing my experiences of a place to life through jewelry. I started attending wholesale shows and met many of our retailers (some of which we’re still working with today!) It was terrifying and wonderful and hard work – I totally admit to leaving market each night and hibernating in a hotel bed with a good book surrounded by a million pillows.

Simon & Ruby Jewelry 9th Anniversary | Modern Bohemian I did a year long series of Creative Crush features – highlighting creative women that truly inspire me with their work. It reminded me that we all need community and encouragement and to support the people in our lives. To show them that they matter and their work makes a difference.

Creative Crush | Modern Bohemian Jewelry | Simon & Ruby

And so many things have happened in between. I met you, I heard your stories, I created jewelry for you wedding, your mom, your best friend. Every moment honing my skills and connecting with you has been time well spent. Each heartache and bruise and setback was worth it, because it helped to refine my mission and reaffirm my main goal: Be someone who sees the beauty in the world and shares it with others. 

So, here’s to the next 9 years & all the memories that we’ll make together!



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