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Simon & Ruby Jewelry Inspiration

photo credit: Chelsea Rochelle, M Newsom Photography, Lindsay Farrer

If you haven’t guessed by now, Simon & Ruby is a travel-inspired jewelry line. We spend most of day sharing our handcrafted jewels, so it has really been on our hearts to also give you some insight into what inspires us. 

Lindsay, the owner/designer/head wanderess at S&R spends her days endeavoring to bridge the gap from her experience of a place to the jewels that she creates for those with unshakable wanderlust. This week, she is giving us a peek inside her head and sharing a bit about why we do what we do.

I’ve never been to a place that hasn’t changed me. Sometimes, it’s just a little bit. Maybe just a sunburn. It’s typically more than that, though. I leave pieces of myself in every place I’ve been, and as those pieces vacate, the space fills with everything foreign and lovely and essential to the new landscape I love.

When I die, my heart will be made of road maps and mountains and jungle brush and terracotta tiles and ocean winds. There won’t be any tissue left to keep it beating; I will have left pieces of it everywhere.

Simon & Ruby is built around this concept, around this life.

I take the beauty and heart I hold for the places I love to design every piece of jewelry that exits our studio.

And every piece I make takes me back to those places. Turquoise feels like watching the water colors of the Mediterranean shift, swirl, and endlessly flow. Bronze has the weight and the endurance of the Mayan legacy that is irrevocably peppered throughout Guatemala. Carnelian and the red sands of the desert are both formed in the presence of iron, which is the same mineral which makes the blood in our veins course red. Every piece feels like every place feels like every beat of my wanderess heart.

Every Simon & Ruby piece is also made for you: not only because each piece is made-to-order, but also because each one is meant to accompany you on your adventures. We all leave our hearts in little pieces in different places in different ways as we show up and fall in love with our lives. I hope, as I string beads and layer pendants, that the glint of our jewelry catches your eye and reminds you of all the beautiful things in this world, and all the many reasons to show up and fall in love.

If Simon & Ruby weren’t jewelry, it would be my best-friend-love-letter to you, written on a postcard from a faraway place. Luckily for the both of us (I get writer’s block, and you can’t wear a postcard. At least, I don’t think you can), it’s a catalog of collections, each of which shine and reflect a new place, an expansive experience, and a boundless adventure.

It’s road maps and mountains and jungle brush and terracotta tiles and ocean winds. From me, to you.

May the road rise up to meet you,



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