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STYLE TAKEOVER// #SRStylist DeeDee Szalay

Hi! My name is DeeDee, and I’m excited to take you with me on a typical day in my life. I am a wife and a momma of two kids, boy and girl. I homeschool both children, even though my son has autism. That makes it a bit of a challenge, but I learn best out of my comfort zone.
Our day begins with a hot cooked breakfast, followed by school time with my eldest. We have finally figured out a groove for her this year, so I basically get her started and then leave her to it. I’m never far away when she has a question (and she has many!).

School time for my son looks a bit different, but I’m a firm believer that there is no blanket approach to educating my kids. Right now, we focus on imitating sounds for speech, as he is still pre-verbal. We begin with a speech video and imitating what we see and hear. Then we move into self care routines, followed by exercise. I build an obstacle course in my living room, and have him climb/run/crawl etc. to strengthen his coordination and motor skills. Finally, we finish with some fun therapy games! It’s exhausting work, but I don’t regret one second of it.

As a wife and momma, I’m sure you can imagine that I spend a great deal of time menu planning and grocery shopping. My 6 year old son eats like a teenager! I usually shop during the week, which means the kids are with me. Thankfully, Whole Foods make it easy with a special needs cart for my son and a coffee bar for me 🙂

At least once a week, you will find me at my local Goodwill store. I may go for a few hours on the weekend, or run in for a quick browse in one section. There is one constant…I never leave empty handed! For a few dollars, I’m able to try out a new trend or purchase an investment piece that I couldn’t have otherwise afforded. Now what girl can say no to that?

SRStylist Style Takeover + Deedee Szalay

My husband and I don’t have dressy date nights, nor do we have regular consistent date nights! On the rare occasion we do go out, you’ll usually find me in jeans. I prefer to elevate my look with statement jewelry and other accessories, and my Ghost Ranch Lariat is always the perfect fit.

My life can look messy. Rough around the edges. As a special needs parent, I’m often told “I don’t know how you do it. I couldn’t.” I never know what to make of that. I wasn’t given this life because I am worthy of it. I was given this life to make me humble, gracious, merciful. I want my beauty to be soul deep, not superficial. We are all given unique situations to shape us. Michelangelo said that “Beauty is the purgation of superfluities”. I agree, though I do enjoy a little material beauty now and again 😉 Thank you for following along on this peek into my life! I hope you feel encouraged and know that no matter your struggle, someone else out there knows exactly how you feel. Search for beauty in every day, and I promise you will find it.



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