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Simon and Ruby Antigua Department of Agra Culture

Hi! Lauren from Dept of Agra Culture here.  I’m proud to be an #SRStylist and my company travels around the world sourcing beautiful products made by the hands of local artisans, so we kinda think it’s a perfect match. I’ll be taking over the S&R blog today taking you on a quick journey to Guatemala. I hope you enjoy the ride!

Department of AgraCulture Simon and Ruby

Our journey starts in Antigua, a little town about an hour outside of Guatemala City.  It’s full of charm with it’s cobblestone streets, quaint restaurants, and volcano views.  The best time to explore is in the early morning when you have the streets all to yourself.
Department of AgraCulture Simon and Ruby
As an Interior Designer, I’m obsessed with colors.  One of my favorite “fun facts” about the city of Antigua is that it has an official color palette, made up of 10-12 gorgeous hues and these colors are protected by a historical organization tasked with preserving the city’s heritage.  What’s your favorite hue? Some of my favorites are, Amarillo Tridentino, Rojo Concepción, Ocre, Celeste Santiago, Rojo Santo Domingo and Blanco.
Department of AgraCulture Simon and Ruby
I love the delicate layers and sweet spiral of these Simon & Ruby pieces.  I like to travel light so simple pieces like these are the best to take with me.  I can wear them separately with a t-shirt while shopping, or layer them at night and throw on a couple of bracelets to jazz up my outfit at night.  The purple hues and copper tints of the Apsara, Balee, and O’Keefe pieces remind me of some of the hidden, subtle hues along the streets of Antigua.
Department of AgraCulture Simon and Ruby
Traveling with friends is one of my favorite things to do.  Traveling alone is an enlightening and challenging experience and I truly believe that everyone should travel somewhere alone at least once in their life.  But having someone dear to you—whether a friend, lover, or family member—makes the memories more real.  I remember sitting at this overlook, gazing down at Antigua and out at the Volcano in the distance and not worrying about the time or where we had to be next; but just enjoying the beauty of the moment.  I’m still working on getting the folks over at Simon & Ruby to travel with me.  Who would you journey with?
Department of AgraCulture Simon and Ruby
The Guatemalan artisans found throughout the villages surrounding Lake Atitlan are some of the most talented and patient people in the world.  I was fortunate enough to get to spend time with some of the local ladies, learning how to backstrap weave and being taught how about their dying processes.  They hand-make all of their dyes themselves from naturally found or grown sources.  The groups of women sit for hours and days gathered together laughing and talking about life while they work.  Not a bad task if you ask me!
Department of AgraCulture Simon and Ruby

Thanks for following along on my journey through Guatemala.  Stick around to see where the other #SRStylists take you next! Until next time, this is Lauren signing off.

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