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SRONTHEROAD travel diary britt fabello sea of atlasHi all! Britt here from Sea of Atlas. I’m an artist and designer originally from New England but currently exploring Europe from my home base in London. I’m so happy to be here on the Simon & Ruby blog today sharing with you some of the travels from my husband and I’s first year abroad.

I’ve learned so much from each one of our trips and now truly understand why people say travel broadens your perception of life. Our first getaway was to Paris but soon after we were on another plane to Copenhagen where I not only fell in love with the Rundetårn (seriously gorgeous) but also had my first wow this is actually happening moment. We were finally living our dream.

SRONTHEROAD travel diary britt fabello sea of atlas
The further into our first year of traveling we got, the more of the world I wanted to see. Travel makes me feel like I am fully alive and living every second of my life to its fullest. It officially has its hold on me—I have the travel bug. Forever.

Each trip, we want to see something different and have new adventures so when we found ourselves in Slovenia right near Lake Bled, we instantly both knew we needed to rent a row boat and get to the fairytale-like center island. It’s these experiences that push your limits and ones we will always remember.

SRONTHEROAD travel diary britt fabello sea of atlas
We had been spending so much time hopping around to other countries, we decided it was time to get out and explore England more. The last thing we wanted to do was return home after a few years and realize we didn’t even see our own country. So, we rented a car and were off to the Lake District. Five hours later we arrived ready for a weekend in the fresh air.

We learned to slow down here and take in our surroundings, enjoy nature—something we both miss dearly in the city—and let the mountain air cleanse our souls. Two highlights from this trip: our hike up Catbells with its stunning views of the lakes amid the grey stormy English sky backdrop and sneaking out in the middle of the night to see the stars—the brightest I have ever seen.

SRONTHEROAD travel diary britt fabello sea of atlas
No matter where we find ourselves, we always want to create our own meaning for that culture and place. It is easy to get caught up in the excitement of adventure or feel the pull of the tourist attractions, but its important to make each trip your own. Find what is important to you, search for what will make the trip most memorable, and don’t hold back. Travel is our key to understanding the world and each other better.

sea of atlas britt fabello hand lettering

It’s been wonderful sharing today and I hope to continue chatting with you all over on @seaofatlas on Instagram. Much love!

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